Stack, Pack and Stow It – Cold Weather Edition

Winter is (still) coming, according to Punxsutawney Phil – the infamous Groundhog, which means 6 more weeks of winter.  So, any trips you have planned in the coming months might require a slight alteration in your packing strategy.  Here are my cold weather must-haves after consulting with friends (Thanks Skimm Girls!) across the U.S., all the way to Alaska! Whether you need some quick fixes to get you through one trip or you are a frequent freezer, I got you covered.  Since you’re going on vacation you need to save all your money for the fun stuff, so we’re packing it all in a carry-on, no baggage fee for you!

The Basics:

Your liquids bag is going to need to be stocked with moisturizers! Here are some of my fav’s.  For your face go here and for sensitive skin go here.  For your hands go here, here or here and I’m always a fan of Bath and Body Works lotions.  For your lips go here or here.

The Accessories:

Pro tip: Bringing multiple hats and scarves is the easiest way to mix up your outfit each day, while still saving space. Knit gloves will allow air to flow through, so stick to faux leather gloves to ensure maximum warmth.  I am a loyal Isotoner fan, I’ve had the same pair for over 10 years and I love the way they fit.  Check out these with an inner fleece lining, these with smart-touch technology, these are basic black with a warm lining and these have fleece on the outside.  This is my favorite cable knit scarf from Loft (pictured below)!

The Bod:

CUDDLE DUDS! They saved my life.  You wear them under your normal clothes and you can’t tell you are wearing them!  The ActiveLayer line is my favorite since you can wear it under leggings without noticing. They have a bunch of different styles that you can check out here.  Fleece leggings are also a good choice if you aren’t a fan of layering.  This is me rocking my cuddle duds with leggings on top, bonus – I look like a Ninja, and you can too!

Pick out a coat that is long enough to cover your bum, and ideally goes to your knees, depending on how cold the area you’re going to is.  Check out this coat from Nordstrom’s and this one from Kohls.  If you’re wanting to spend less go here, here or here . Wear your jacket on the plane, even if your starting location is warm. Keep it on you, because planes are cold or stow it under your seat (because the overhead compartment is not meant for personal items, duh!).

If you’re willing to splurge on a great pair of shoes try these from Sorel or these from L.L.Bean.  If you’re not in a position to buy new boots, invest in some great wool socks!

The Fresh:

Travel size bottle of Febreze.  The EASIEST way to pack light is to re-wear items, especially your under layers.  After exploring all day, you’re going to need to freshen up, and having a washing machine isn’t an option when staying in a hotel. Get a 3 pack of travel size Febreze here or a single one here.

Hope you enjoyed my tips for saving space, staying warm and most importantly – not having to check a bag! Do you have a cold weather trip coming up? Did I miss your favorite cold weather necessity? Let me know in the comments below!



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