Friday Favorites – 2/24/17

It’s Friday!! Go ahead and splurge on that extra cup of coffee or fancy pastry, you deserve it!  Fun fact: my phone auto-corrects “pastries” to “pasties”.  I text about baked goods more than the average person, and apparently my phone thinks I need to spice things up.  Speaking of spicing things up…I’m all about discovering new ideas and products to make my life better, healthier or just more fun!  Below are some of my favorite things right now!

Favorite Dish: These healthy toast toppings from The Healthy Hour.  I mean…I really need for Stephanie Park to just move in with me and make all my meals.


Favorite App: First 5  This is a safe space, so I’ll be honest – I struggle with being intentional in my time with God .  This app makes it super simple, it’s either a reading or a video (which I can listen to while in the car!).  It’s quick while also being deep and thoughtful. (Thanks for the rec, Brie!)

Favorite Sleep Mask: So, I cannot go to sleep without a sleep mask, it’s a necessity for me.  These Bucky sleep masks are amazing and super comfortable while blacking out all light! Get one for you, and if your husband is anything like mine, you might as well get one for him too!

Favorite Show to Binge Watch: Death in Paradise on Netflix! It’s a lighthearted crime solving show, set in the fictional Caribbean Island of Saint Marie.  I love the casting, the story lines and all the British and French accents!


Favorite Impromptu Date Night: A local business hosted a Pop-Up Supper Wednesday night, and it was so great!  We had amazing food for only $10 and I love any excuse to go downtown!  If you’re local to Greenville, S.C. (or visiting) you should check out M.Judson Booksellers & Chocolate Moose (yep, 2 business in one building!) to see what events they have going on!

Canelones de Carne (pasta rolls w/ beef, pork & chicken) topped with Belchamel and Manchego cheese and a Granny Smith apple salad w/ Valdeon blue cheese and Marcona almonds.

Are you a fan of any of my favorites, what do you love that I must check out?  What are your favorite date nights, planned out or spontaneous? And what show should I binge on Netflix next?!  Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to subscribe!





2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 2/24/17

  1. Greg loves Death in Paradise too! Every time I watch with him it is death by poisoning!! Cracks me up. He had gone back and watched every episode except for maybe two

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