Ghouls Night Out

Hey pumpkin! It’s almost Halloween! Which means it’s not only time to find a costume for your dogs…er, for yourself, it’s also time to carve pumpkins!  If you’re like me and a lot of my friends you don’t have either the skills or the desire to gut and carve a pumpkin, every year.  Which is how we decided to do a Pumpkin Painting Party, instead!!

This party is super easy to throw together for your family or your friend group, or both!  Start by searching Pinterest for some inspiration.  You can view my board here.  Then stock up on sponge brushes, paper plates and paint from Hobby Lobby; the Anita paint is only .77 cents and works great.  Don’t forget your pumpkin!  No theme night is complete without the food! Here are some Halloween inspired food dishes of varying skill levels, to help take your party to the next level!

Monster Rice Krispies: You can make your own rice krispie treats or you can buy the pre-packaged kind (like my mom did).  Melt bakers chocolate and add food coloring, dip the rice krispies then add edible eyeballs from Hobby Lobby. Chef: Diane Pinckard (mom)

Mummy Brownies: These were so good and tasted delicious! Boxed brownies, icing and edible eyeballs from Hobby Lobby is all it takes to make these boo-tiful treats! Chef: Malinda McCrary

Puking Pumpkin: .75 cent pumpkin from Wal-Mart and carefully arranged guacamole from Aldi, makes this the easiest and cheapest dish to make! Chef: Me

Witches Brew: Lime Jell-0, sprite and pineapple juice (vodka is optional).  To keep your jello based drink liquid, don’t put it in the fridge for too long.  Take it up a notch by adding dry ice! Chef: Brie Gajda

Witches Brooms: Pretzel sticks and Reece’s cups! Taylor used a small pumpkin carving kit knife to make the initial hole, before sticking the pretzel in. Chef: Taylor Tatum

Spider Web Taco Dip: Grab your favorite dip ingredients and use sour cream to make the web, don’t forget the spider ring! Chef: Mary & Chris Anderson

Ashley was gracious enough to host a potentially messy girls night on her deck.  At the end of the night we voted for our favorite pumpkins, aka the HalloQueen and the Pumpkin Princess!  I found fall leaf ornaments at Hobby Lobby to give as prizes.


I loved seeing the different materials everyone used to create their pumpkins, and how different each of our pumpkins turned out!  We had everything from thumb tacks to vinyl to rhinestones.  So here’s the question: are you a pumpkin carver or a pumpkin painter? Let me know & share your pumpkin pics in the comments!


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Girls “Light” Out!

It’s officially fall which means the air is getting crisper, our DVR is full of Hallmark original movies and the candles are burning non-stop. Last week a few of us girls got together and attended our first candle making class in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. It was scent-sational (see what I did there) and I officially have a new Fall Kick-Off Tradition!

Magnolia Scents by Design has a location in downtown Greenville, S.C and Independence, Kansas.  At both locations you can make your own soy candles, including picking your scent, mixing your own color and naming your candle!


All the materials are provided for you, so all you have to do is show up ready to have fun and get creative!  The most important lesson we took away from this class was that size matters…when it comes to wicks.

Pro Tip: If you want to know what color your candle will be when it dries, just tap a little bit of color onto a paper towel.  Trying to find our perfect color shade was definitely a team effort!

The whole process takes roughly an hour and as Jessica put it, “there was pretty much no way to mess it up”.   The fact that all of our candles looked and smelled amazing, despite some of us *almost* forgetting to add our scent (Malinda) and some of us adding WAY too may color drops (Brie), is testament to that.


Our candles were ready to be picked up less than two hours later.  The whole night was a blast!  Any event that allows me to make something useful and beautiful while also making fun memories with my friends is a win in my book.


Special thanks to Taylor, for being such a great (and patient) teacher!  Don’t forget to name your next candle “Taylor Made”!

If you’re in the Greenville or Independence area, do yourself a favor and check out Magnolia Scents!  They offer several candle making classes each day, and if you don’t have time to make your own you can still pick one up in store.  I highly recommend the Cookie Shop scent.



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P.S. Here’s a picture of us with my sweet parents, who were in town visiting from Texas.  And everyone knows my favorite dinner spot in downtown is Trio!


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Valentines Day Gifts for Him (that he’ll actually like!)

Valentines Day is 4 days away. You don’t have a gift for your man, yet.  That’s where I come in.  Valentines gifts for the girl who needs something quick and inexpensive.  Because, lets face it, if you google search “Valentines gifts for him” you end up with over priced items that no man actually wants.  Let’s make sure your man not only likes his gift, but you don’t break the bank getting it for him.

  1. Activity  – Something you two can do together that is fun, active and gets you out of the house.  It can be something new, like archery lessons (so fun, but harder than it looks!) or something you both already love, like going on a new hiking trail or a brewery tour. – Priceless 

  2. Scratch Map – For the man or the couple that loves to travel.  You can get one for the United States or for the World. – $25 – $35  
  3. What I Love About Us Book – $10 

  4. Super Slim Wallet – My husband has one and loves it.  He didn’t realize how bulky his wallet was until he switched to a slim one that just carries the basics. Now it’s the only one he uses. $20 – $30jcrew wallet
  5. Baseball hat or T-shirt for his favorite sports teams!  Click the link to see a list of products for all NCAA teams. $15 – $50 
  6. Dollar Shave Club – We’ve been members for over a year, and love it!  We use the 4x (mid level razor) and it’s very high quality and only $6/month.  It’s just as good as the expensive pink razors you get at the store.  They also have an executive level razor for $9/month and a twin blade for $3/month.  We share a membership, since Eric rarely shaves.  Saving money on razors, means more money for date night!
  7. Gift Basket – You can buy these online, but these are so easy to put together and so much cheaper when you do it yourself.  I’ve done these for Eric a few times and the best part is buying the basket – because it’s one that I wanted to buy for the house anyways.  I fill his with a mixture of his favorite candy, fun beers from World Market, a book or magazine he likes, t-shirts, socks and beef jerky! – $20 – $50fb_img_1486779962115

Alright ladies, get out there this weekend (or on your lunch break Monday) and get that perfect Valentines gift for your man!  Let me know what you get, in the comments below!