Get Lit – March

Hey everyone! I’ve been MIA for a few days, due to a last minute vacation (aren’t those the best kind?!).  My parents live in Texas and were vacationing in Tennessee last week.  After leaving Nashville, they spent a few days in Townsend, which happens to only be about 3 hours from where my husband and I live.  So I decided to crash their vacation – it was so much fun!  I’ll be posting all about that trip later this week!

I didn’t have as much time to read this month as I typically do.  Some of these books I read last summer but they were so good that I had to share them with you!


Where’d You Go, Bernadette? (Paperback $6.49/eBook $7.99)

I read this book last summer, based on a recommendation from a friend (Hey, Jessica!).  I had read so many dark books and I needed something light that was still captivating.  This book hit that mark.  It has mystery, heart and humor.  Bernadette is agoraphobic, and has an overseas assistant that does all of her most basic tasks for her.  Her daughter, Bee, was promised a family trip to Antarctica.  As the trip gets closer, Bernadette goes missing.  It’s up to Bee to piece together emails, letters, phone calls, develop a timeline for her mothers last days and figure out where she is!  It’s so well written, and the perfect vacation or pool side read!

trust no one

Trust No One

Paul Cleave is a talented writer!  This was my first of his books to read and after I finished I immediately read 3 more of his books.  I love the concept of this book!  A crime writer develops early onset Alzheimer’s and begins to confess that all the horrible murders he wrote about in his books are true – and he is the one that committed them.  No one is sure weather to believe him or not, but as the Alzheimer’s sets in and his actions get more volatile, you can’t help but wonder.  This had -hands down- one of the best book endings that I’ve ever read. Read it and come back and let me know what you thought! Heads up – Paul Cleave gets pretty gross and gory in his books. Edit: My husband told me this paragraph had too many exclamation points, but I told him that this book is THAT good!

pretty baby

Pretty Baby

I just finished this book last week, after several of my Skimm friends insisted it was a must-read!  I’ve mentioned before that my favorite narrative is when each chapter is from a different characters perspective, Pretty Baby did this perfectly.  The story is about a woman (wife & mother) who after seeing a young homeless girl with a newborn living on the streets, insists on bringing her into their home.  As with any situation involving strangers, there’s bound to be secrets and distrust…and murder.  I love how all the characters stories were resolved.  When I finished this book, the first thing I said was how I love that none of the characters were good or bad, you’ll have to read the book to fully understand.  If you enjoyed Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train, I honestly believe you will enjoy this book.


The Variable Life: Finding Clarity and Confidence in a World of Choices (eBook $9.99)

So, I am really excited about this book, because it is written by my friend, John Weirick!  You can purchase an eBook copy by following the link above or clicking here.  You can also follow his blog here.

The Variable Life is a collection of stories and observations about life to help you:
– Gain clarity about who you are and what to do
– Understand God’s role in your life and in the world
– Learn how to navigate conflict and survive difficult transitions
– Develop healthy relationships
– See why the choices you make today will influence the rest of your life
– Live with confidence instead of being driven by fear

“The Variable Life is for people who want to find their way through the maze of variables, choices, and complexities of modern life, without losing sight of God or themselves.
Your life is the story of the choices you make. What story is your life telling?”

good girl.jpg

The Good Girl– Currently Reading

After devouring Pretty Baby, I knew that I needed to read another Mary Kubica book.  I’ll be back next month to give you my review, or you can read along with me!

As always, let me know if you’ve read these books and what you thought, or if there’s a book that you love that I need to read!  Come back in a few days to read all about my super outdoorsy trip to Tennessee, or hit the subscribe button below and be the first to know about my new posts!



Get Lit! – February

This past week has been pretty fantastic.  2 breakfast dates, group bowling night and a dinner date with my amazing girl friends.  There is seriously nothing better than spending time with other females, it feeds my soul.  The only thing better than food dates are walking dates.  If you haven’t done one of those before – make that your goal for the month.  Grab a girl friend or two and just set out on a walk, anywhere that is pretty.  My favorite is starting at our local zoo and walking to downtown, then you grab coffee or pop into shops once you’re downtown.  You’re outside, not distracted by food or other people or your phones (you can’t really walk and text…maybe you can, but I can’t) and it’s the best way to have deeper friendships.  My husband and I go on a walk with our dog every day and its my highlight because we connect so much.  In case you don’t believe me, here’s a picture of me and my super precious dog,  Belle…in our matching friendship bracelets/collars!

fur5-01-01Ok, enough about exercising and socializing – you came here for the book reviews, and I aim to please.


The Widow (click title to purchase ebook, paperback or hardcover)

I picked up this book after seeing it laying on a display table at a local bookstore (during one of my friend walk dates!) and I’m really glad I did.  I love books that have each chapter from a different characters perspective.  The book wasn’t suspenseful in the way Gone Girl and Girl on a Train were, but it held it’s own.  I thought the book would focus more on the actual widow, but it mainly centered around her husband’s issues.  It makes sense for the book, but I went in expecting a little bit different direction.  I would actually love a follow up book focusing on “the reporter”, Kate, and her other stories.  Overall, I was really happy with this book, you should definitely check it out!


Behind Closed Doors

Y’all I COULD NOT get into this book.  It had so much potential but the whole book was just so obvious, predictable and anti-climactic.  It’s about a married couple that seems to have the perfect life but there’s obviously something dark going on “behind closed doors”.  Honestly, they could have removed 100 pages from the book and it would have been much better.  I really wanted to like this book, and I know a lot of people do, but I just don’t get the hype.  If you loved it, I’m sorry!


Little Beach Street Bakery

This book was darling.  Polly has a pretty brutal break up and decides to move far away from the big city, to a tiny island that’s only accessible at certain times of day due to the tide.  She ends up rediscovering her love for baking bread and impacting the lives of all the people in the tiny town.  Beware, you will be craving fresh made bread products and tiny island vacations while reading this book.  Also, you will start asking your husband for a pet Puffin, and he will say “no” because he is mean. There’s also a bread recipe in the book.  I of course “kneaded” to try  it and was super confident.  However, it ended up being hard and burnt and nothing like the bread my friends make (Hi Kati! Hi Brittany!), so I think I’ll stick to just reading about bread.


The Rumor (Kindle edition is only $7.99)

Another great read!  I’ve been reading so many psychological thrillers that this was definitely a breath of fresh air.  I couldn’t put this book down, Elin Hilderbrand is so very talented, and if you haven’t read any of her books you are missing out!  It centers around two best friends Grace and Madeline, a local Nantucket writer.  Madeline has a severe case of writers block and while attempting to write her follow up novel she begins to pull from the people around her.  The only problem is, with a small town come lots of rumors and there’s no way to set the rumors right without someone getting hurt.  This is a great book to pick up before a Spring Break trip.

Have you read any of these books yet? What books should I add to my to-read list?  Leave some book love in the comments below!  Don’t forget to subscribe below for email updates!