New Year, New You – Get Real

New Year, New You! Let’s face it, the beginning of a new year can come with a lot of pressure.  Everywhere you look you’re being asked to drastically change an aspect of yourself.  Let’s break the habit of breaking ourselves.  Instead of making radical changes in a short amount of time, let’s make small but substantial changes month by month.  At the end of each month, evaluate how you feel.  If you don’t want to continue with your resolution at the end of the month, you can stop but still know that you succeeded.  You’ll increase your ability to succeed by eliminating unrealistic expectations. 

It’s January, and it’s cold outside.  And if you’re anything like me, cold weather does not inspire me to get out there and be motivated.  So, January is going to be my month of getting organized and setting up the structure and basis for the rest of my years’ successes.

Bloom Planner

My Bloom – Hard Cover Vision Planner (Peacock Feathers) was delivered a few days ago and it’s amazing! This specific planner focuses on goal setting and breaking down those goals into bite-sized pieces.  It has a place for your monthly goals, divided into categories (finances, relationships, health…) and a place to break those goals down into a weekly check list! I LOVE checking things off a list.  Does anyone else add stuff after they’ve already done it, just so they can check it off?  It also has a monthly calendar (my favorite) and a weekly calendar.

Zig Dual-Tip Markers : I also suggest these fun markers for personalizing your planner.  These are vibrant without bleeding through the pages.

If you’re looking for something more basic, that will still keep you organized I’m a huge fan of wall/tabletop calendars.  It’s a great place to put family activities.  Right now, it’s just me and my husband (our dog’s don’t have very active social lives 😉 ) but it’s still really helpful to have one place with all of our plans for the week/month in one location.  We benefit from having a physical calendar to look at.  We spend so much time on our phones, the physical calendar stands out more.

Coloring Book Calendar  Etsy: Follow Your Arrow Calendar  Watercolor Calendar

Another way to start your year off successfully is to focus on being *grateful*.  Being grateful for the big and small things in your life, completely changes your attitude.  This leads to being happier and more productive.  I’m a nanny, and each day when I pick up the kids, I ask them 2 questions.  What was the best part of your day, and what was something nice that you or someone else did today.  Not only does this start a fun conversation, but it challenges you to think about your day in a more positive light.  Share your best and nice part of the day in the comments below!

One of my favorite finds this year has been 52 Lists of Happiness and 52 Lists Project. It’s gratitude journaling made easy.  Each week you’re given a prompt to list ways or things that make you happy.  I gifted several of these this year for Christmas!

I know that you can be successful!  Remember to set manageable goals and write them down!  Seeing your goals written down will keep them in the forefront of your mind.  Each month I’ll let you in on my monthly resolution and what products and tools I’m using to obtain that goal.  I want to know what your goals are for this year.  I’d love to know what steps you’re taking or offer advice to help you be successful!



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Fleece Navidad

It’s been unusually warm this year, which I absolutely love! I would be ok if it never went below 60 degrees, anyone else with me?!  But alas, it’s December and the cold weather is rolling in and it’s planning to stay awhile.  I needed to stock up on some cute but warm sweaters to get me through this season, so check out my fav’s below!  Use code: MORE at checkout to save some cash money!

Cable-Knit Tunic Sweater – I’m typically not a fan of things touching my neck, but this is super cute and low enough to not bother me.  I’m wearing Oatmeal Heather and Wine Purple.

“Better Together” more like Better in your Closet! AND it’s only $9! This is super soft and not too thick.

Funnel Neck Sweatshirt and Polka Dot French-Terry Sweatshirt! I just really love the classic sweatshirt with a feminine fit!

Boat Neck Tunic Sweater in Red Marl.  This color is fantastic and so is the fit.  I like that it’s long enough to wear with leggings but not too long to wear with jeans.

Sexy Leggings from Express.


You can shop more super cute sweaters at

No sweater list is complete without a few “ugly” sweaters!

SnowmiesOh, Snap!, Bah Humpug!, Leg Lamp, Stranger Things.


Sometimes you’re in the Christmas spirit but you also have to be professional, don’t worry, I got you covered!

Men’s Fairisle Suit, Women’s Christmas Suit, Men’s Christmas Tree Suit 



Would you  be brave enough to wear one of these Christmas suits to your office, or are you more of a basic ugly sweater girl?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Holidays!




{Buffalo} Check Me Out

{Buffalo} check out your new favorite flannel shirt! I’ve been scouring clothing racks for years trying to find one that isn’t square fit and doesn’t show my stomach when I raise my arms! I finally found it and it’s at one of my fav. places to shop – Old Navy!  I loved it so much, I bought it in 3 patterns – including Buffalo Check, which my husband refers to as my “Garth Brooks” shirt!


This super soft button up comes in a variety of colors.  I decided to size up so I can wear it with leggings.  It’s thin but not enough that you need an undershirt.  It’s lightweight so it’s great for wearing alone, layering or tying around your waist.  It’s literally the perfect flannel and its in your price range.  Buy it – then come back and thank me!

These boots were a great find – on sale for under $30 and they come in both black and cognac!  As always, my favorite leggings are from Express and I just can’t say enough good things about them.  I love to find quality staple pieces that wont break the bank.  These are so comfortable, and keep their shape and color after multiple washes over several years.  I have both ankle and full length.  I’m also loving this crossbody purse from Nine West, that’s very similar to mine.


Side note: New Belgium in Asheville, North Carolina has a fantastic free tour, that includes free beer!  They have a great space for drinking and hanging out, and it’s dog friendly.  They have food trucks on site, but you can also hop up the road a little bit to Taco Billy – for fantastic tacos! I highly recommend The Support Group taco – the tortilla is made out of a plantain.  It’s the taco shell you never knew you needed.

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Girls “Light” Out!

It’s officially fall which means the air is getting crisper, our DVR is full of Hallmark original movies and the candles are burning non-stop. Last week a few of us girls got together and attended our first candle making class in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. It was scent-sational (see what I did there) and I officially have a new Fall Kick-Off Tradition!

Magnolia Scents by Design has a location in downtown Greenville, S.C and Independence, Kansas.  At both locations you can make your own soy candles, including picking your scent, mixing your own color and naming your candle!


All the materials are provided for you, so all you have to do is show up ready to have fun and get creative!  The most important lesson we took away from this class was that size matters…when it comes to wicks.

Pro Tip: If you want to know what color your candle will be when it dries, just tap a little bit of color onto a paper towel.  Trying to find our perfect color shade was definitely a team effort!

The whole process takes roughly an hour and as Jessica put it, “there was pretty much no way to mess it up”.   The fact that all of our candles looked and smelled amazing, despite some of us *almost* forgetting to add our scent (Malinda) and some of us adding WAY too may color drops (Brie), is testament to that.


Our candles were ready to be picked up less than two hours later.  The whole night was a blast!  Any event that allows me to make something useful and beautiful while also making fun memories with my friends is a win in my book.


Special thanks to Taylor, for being such a great (and patient) teacher!  Don’t forget to name your next candle “Taylor Made”!

If you’re in the Greenville or Independence area, do yourself a favor and check out Magnolia Scents!  They offer several candle making classes each day, and if you don’t have time to make your own you can still pick one up in store.  I highly recommend the Cookie Shop scent.



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P.S. Here’s a picture of us with my sweet parents, who were in town visiting from Texas.  And everyone knows my favorite dinner spot in downtown is Trio!


Shop similar dresses to mine:

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Trapeze Dress, Ruffle Tie Neck Dress, Pintucked Swing Dress, Cinched Waist Floral Dress, Floral Flutter Midi Dress, Payton Cinched Waist Dress

FALLing for Transition Pieces

This is the best time of year for your wardrobe. You have the opportunity to mix your summer and fall pieces to come up with creative and new combinations.

I’m a huge fan of T-Shirt dresses!. They have the power to look good on every body type and fit almost any occasion. Wear it loose, tight or belt it. Dress it up with heels or dress it down with sneakers. This is also the best time of year to stock up, because summer wear is on sale. It’s still hot so you’ll get plenty of wear out of it before you need to layer a cardigan.

Shop this exact dress here. I’m wearing Lotus Neon. It’s a lot brighter in real life, and it fits true to size. It also comes in a striped pattern. The red (pictured below) is only available in stores. You can grab the jacket here.


Shop my arm candy here: June Birthstone & Feather Charm bracelets from Alex & Ani.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shop Similar Dresses: Criss Cross Back, Tie Waist, Cold Shoulder Swing Dress, Choker Dress.

Ms. New Bootie!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step into fall with comfort and style: Ropes, Slouchy, V ankle, Braided Fold Over.

Are you stocking up on sale summer pieces or are you prepping for fall? Let me know in the comments. And drop a link for your favorite piece you can’t wait to rock this fall!


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Friday Favorites 4/21/2017

We spent last week in Florida (amazing), and I’m still trying to remember what day it is.  Isn’t that the best part about vacation, not having to keep up with the days?  Now it’s back to the real world, luckily my real world is pretty fantastic.  Right now I’m curled up with a cute puppers and eating cotton candy, so life is pretty sweet.

Favorite Snack Food:  The Fluff Factory Cotton Candy! Y’all I don’t typically eat super sugary sweet stuff, but the flavors are insane!  Currently inhaling Salted Caramel Cotton Candy and contemplating if I need to join a support group.  Thanks to my mom for getting me addicted and the lovely ladies at Silver Star Mercantile for hooking me up!  If you’re in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, head to downtown Carrollton and check them out!  They always have super cute stuff (it’s not all food), including our favorite jalapeno jelly! 

Salted Caramel not pictured because I ate it all…

Favorite New Tradition: We decided to officially set aside one night a month for Ladies Night!  So much easier to just have a date in the books so there’s always something to look forward to!  If you’re in Greenville, SC and you see a group of 10+ girls out on the 3rd Monday of the month it’s probably us!  Feel free to buy us guacamole and offer to take our picture!  Shout out to the staff and manager at Chuy’s for giving us the history and fun facts about the restaurant!

My friends are like really pretty.

Favorite Meal: Salmon and Pesto Flatbread.  I mean, those 4 words are magical sounding, you know it’s going to be amazing.  I had this multiple days in a row for lunch, because  I love myself and want to be happy.  I will be attempting to recreate this recipe from Fresco’s, this weekend – follow my Instagram story to see how it turns out!


Favorite Gift Idea:  I came across this while researching gift ideas for a friends annual beach trip (Hi, Brie!), and immediately fell in love!  If you travel a lot, have a friend that travels, or have ever left your house – you need this!  It’s a travel phone charger BUT it’s pretty and conveniently hooks to your purse or key chain!  Unfortunately it’s only for iPhone, iPod and iPad, us Android users have to just sit in envy!

Favorite New(ish) Podcast:  In The Dark is such a well done podcast.  It follows in the footsteps of Serial, which I absolutely loved.  It chronicles the 27 year old case of a missing 11 year old boy from a rural Minnesota town.  The best part about this podcast is the resolution, it may have taken 27 years but the abductor has been captured.  An interesting fact, this case actually lead to the creation of the “sex offenders database”.  I found it fascinating and maddening at the same time.  If you listen to it, you’ll understand the maddening part immediately.  Let me know some other podcasts I should listen to, and if you’ve listened to In The Dark!

In the Dark

Thanks for reading, you guys are the best!  Feel free to share your “favorites” from the past week with me or what fun plans you have for the weekend!  I’m off to finish Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.  It’s one of those can’t put it down but also don’t want it to end type books!  Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!



Friday Favorites 4/7/2017

Happy Friday, y’all!!  We have a packed weekend planned, so I am so ready for it to get here!  Tonight we are going to dinner with a super old (think elementary school) friend and her husband, since they are visiting the wonderful #YeahTHATGreenville.  Saturday we have a birthday celebration at Dave & Busters.  Then bright and early Sunday morning we are road tripping to St. Petersburg, Florida!  We’ve never been to St. Pete’s so please send me your food and fun recommendations, in the comments!

1.) Favorite New Photo Trend:  Get yourself some friends that don’t question when you do weird things, and are more than happy to be weird in return.  Case in point, friends who go to the same tourist spots and take the same photos.  Can this be a new photo trend? #FriendPhotoCopy  Use that hashtag and tag me on Instagram so I can see all the other weirdo friendships out there!

2.)  Favorite Girlie Drink (That Seems Healthy):  The Pink Drink at Starbucks.  It’s a Strawberry Refresher with Coconut Milk.  It tastes amazing and it looks so pretty!  Plus, there are fresh strawberries in it, so it’s basically a health drink and if you care about your body at all you will go get one, right now.


3.) Favorite Volunteer Event (Probably of All Time):  Our church put on a free Carnival for Foster Children and their families and it was beyond incredible.  I don’t think I can fully describe how amazing this experience was.  Foster children have very little that actually belongs to them, if you would like to help them out you can go here to find a local donation spot in your area!  One thing we didn’t realize was a need until this event were lice treatment kits.  If reading that sentence made your  head itch, that’s the Holy Spirit telling you to go donate some lice kits to your local donation site. 🙂  You can search the hashtag #ForSC to see other projects our church did across the state of South Carolina.


4.) Favorite Craft: Ok, so we agreed to help with a craft project that was WAY above our skill level.  Two hours into a 1.5 hour project, we had to call the Master Crafter, Karli, to come walk us through it step by step!  Four hours, twenty burned fingers, two pork chops and way too many frosted cookies later, we officially made 12 Easter flowers!  Here’s the link for the tutorial.  If you are able to easily make these, please feel free to gloat in the comments!


5.) Favorite Cold Weather Walking Location: I have a great friend, Kati, and our friendship revolves around walking.  Sometimes we eat, but we always walk.  With the weather being crazy this week, we opted to check out the Well Walkers program at The Well, downtown.  The Well is our local arena where the Greenville Swamp Rabbits hockey team play (they are doing fantastic this year). Basically you walk around the inside of the arena, and you don’t have to worry about nasty weather, it’s pretty genius.  They even have days when doctors, dietitians, or mom & me instructors come out.  I’m curious if other cities have similar programs.

2017-04-06 23.21.46

Enjoy your Friday! Go take some #FriendPhotoCopy pics or attempt some crafts that are way above your skill level, and report back!  Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you can be the first to know when I have a new post!  Special shout out to Melissa and Brie for being the stars of today’s post!



The Only TEN I See

This past week has been crazy, in a great way!  I’m hoping I’ll be able to share some exciting news with you very soon!

Most of y’all know that Eric and I live in South Carolina, and our families live in Texas.  We are pretty fortunate to have parent’s that make time to visit us, but seeing family twice a year isn’t really ideal.  So, when my parents planned a trip to Tennessee and were going to be less than 4 hours away, I jumped at the chance to crash their vacation…they didn’t seem to mind haha. (Muscle tank is from my last Friday Favorites!)

We rented a cabin in Townsend, Tn.  It’s a small town full of friendly people nestled in-between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tn.  This would be a great place for couples or families with small kids, since it’s only a few minutes up the road from the craziness of Pigeon Forge.

The very first thing we did was ride the Alpine Roller Coaster.  It was incredible! Getting to control the speed of your own roller coaster, nothing beats that!  Well…one thing beats that, my dad’s before and after pictures on the roller coaster! (Please leave your funny captions for these pics in the comments!!)


We also drove the Cades Cove Scenic Loop, and it was beautiful!  Living in the upstate of South Carolina for so long (almost 5 years, crazy!), I’ve started to take for granted how beautiful this side of the country is.  It was neat to see the sights through my parents’ eyes.  As much as I love Texas, she doesn’t have mountains and views like this.  And yes, Texas is a she.

Easily the best part of our time in Townsend was driving the Mtn Trax ATV’s! We have never done anything like this, before!  My mom is not known for getting dirty, so I was definitely caught off guard when she told me what we were doing!  If you have never gone mudding in an ATV, get online and book a ride now!  You can thank me later.  Also, special shout out to Jake at Mtn Trax for being so great and taking so many pictures and videos for us!  I’m not sure these pictures fully capture how wet and muddy we were!

I only had 48 hours in Townsend, but it was so fun-filled.  I can’t wait to go back, and take the husband with me!

I’m a huge believer in eating local when on vacation.  Ask my husband, I have a very strict no chain restaurant policy.  I’m all about embracing the culture and supporting the locals.  Here are my top picks to #EatLocal in Townsend: Trailhead Steakhouse (and seafood) & Burger Master Drive In.  Trailhead is highend, but reasonably priced with good portion size.  Burger Master is super cheap and the burgers are really good.  Pro tip:  If you don’t have a huge appetite, get the kids meal burger, it comes with ice cream!

Side note: Before I arrived, my parents went on an unguided horseback ride!  They had a blast! Mountain horseback riding, without a guide, you know it’s going to be awesome!


Thanks for reading y’all!  One of the neatest things about my blog is seeing where all my readers are from!  Comment with what city, state or country you’re reading from in the comments below! Bonus – tell me the best parts of your state and why I should visit there next!  Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!



Get Lit – March

Hey everyone! I’ve been MIA for a few days, due to a last minute vacation (aren’t those the best kind?!).  My parents live in Texas and were vacationing in Tennessee last week.  After leaving Nashville, they spent a few days in Townsend, which happens to only be about 3 hours from where my husband and I live.  So I decided to crash their vacation – it was so much fun!  I’ll be posting all about that trip later this week!

I didn’t have as much time to read this month as I typically do.  Some of these books I read last summer but they were so good that I had to share them with you!


Where’d You Go, Bernadette? (Paperback $6.49/eBook $7.99)

I read this book last summer, based on a recommendation from a friend (Hey, Jessica!).  I had read so many dark books and I needed something light that was still captivating.  This book hit that mark.  It has mystery, heart and humor.  Bernadette is agoraphobic, and has an overseas assistant that does all of her most basic tasks for her.  Her daughter, Bee, was promised a family trip to Antarctica.  As the trip gets closer, Bernadette goes missing.  It’s up to Bee to piece together emails, letters, phone calls, develop a timeline for her mothers last days and figure out where she is!  It’s so well written, and the perfect vacation or pool side read!

trust no one

Trust No One

Paul Cleave is a talented writer!  This was my first of his books to read and after I finished I immediately read 3 more of his books.  I love the concept of this book!  A crime writer develops early onset Alzheimer’s and begins to confess that all the horrible murders he wrote about in his books are true – and he is the one that committed them.  No one is sure weather to believe him or not, but as the Alzheimer’s sets in and his actions get more volatile, you can’t help but wonder.  This had -hands down- one of the best book endings that I’ve ever read. Read it and come back and let me know what you thought! Heads up – Paul Cleave gets pretty gross and gory in his books. Edit: My husband told me this paragraph had too many exclamation points, but I told him that this book is THAT good!

pretty baby

Pretty Baby

I just finished this book last week, after several of my Skimm friends insisted it was a must-read!  I’ve mentioned before that my favorite narrative is when each chapter is from a different characters perspective, Pretty Baby did this perfectly.  The story is about a woman (wife & mother) who after seeing a young homeless girl with a newborn living on the streets, insists on bringing her into their home.  As with any situation involving strangers, there’s bound to be secrets and distrust…and murder.  I love how all the characters stories were resolved.  When I finished this book, the first thing I said was how I love that none of the characters were good or bad, you’ll have to read the book to fully understand.  If you enjoyed Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train, I honestly believe you will enjoy this book.


The Variable Life: Finding Clarity and Confidence in a World of Choices (eBook $9.99)

So, I am really excited about this book, because it is written by my friend, John Weirick!  You can purchase an eBook copy by following the link above or clicking here.  You can also follow his blog here.

The Variable Life is a collection of stories and observations about life to help you:
– Gain clarity about who you are and what to do
– Understand God’s role in your life and in the world
– Learn how to navigate conflict and survive difficult transitions
– Develop healthy relationships
– See why the choices you make today will influence the rest of your life
– Live with confidence instead of being driven by fear

“The Variable Life is for people who want to find their way through the maze of variables, choices, and complexities of modern life, without losing sight of God or themselves.
Your life is the story of the choices you make. What story is your life telling?”

good girl.jpg

The Good Girl– Currently Reading

After devouring Pretty Baby, I knew that I needed to read another Mary Kubica book.  I’ll be back next month to give you my review, or you can read along with me!

As always, let me know if you’ve read these books and what you thought, or if there’s a book that you love that I need to read!  Come back in a few days to read all about my super outdoorsy trip to Tennessee, or hit the subscribe button below and be the first to know about my new posts!



Friday Favorites -3/3/17

First of all, thank you so much to everyone for all the support, encouragement and love for my last post!  It was definitely hard to put it out there, but I’m so glad I did!  If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can go here.

It’s Friday and it’s officially March!! March means it’s officially mine and Eric’s anniversary month!! Holla!!  I have a fun project that I need YOUR help with, so don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom!

I love compiling my list of favorites because it forces me to take an inventory of my week and I always feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude!  Even if you don’t have a blog, I highly recommend keeping a list of great things about each day.  Bonus points if you make a list of all the things you appreciate about your spouse each day!  Also, it goes without saying, but my forever favorite is the brown puppy (Belle) that insists on “helping” me blog.  She is either completely passed out, or attempting to crawl on the laptop.  There’s no in-between.  Seriously, look at this blanket caped puppers with her tongue sticking out, she’s the cutest.


Here are this weeks favorites!

Favorite Breakfast Cookie: Y’all if you’ve ever flown American, you’ve been exposed to these amazing gifts from God, known as Biscoff Cookies!  If you are like me, you didn’t realize you could buy them in store, until your husband surprised you with a pound of Biscoff’s for Valentines Day! #swoon


Favorite Work-Out Tank: I just picked up this sups cute tank from Express!  It’s light-weight, loose fitting and the tiniest bit sheer – makes it perfect for summer, on top of a bright colored sports bra!  Go grab one here, and we can be twinsies!  Tag me on the ‘gram, so I can see how hot you look! @sara_kauffman


Favorite Friend-Date: Breakfast with my girl, Karli!  Who took me out on a day that she knew was incredibly hard for me, to make sure I had at least one bright spot to the day!  And she brought me these gorgeous sunflowers that look like they were made for my kitchen!


Favorite Brewery Tour: Hands down, Sierra Nevada Brewery in Mills River, N.C. has the best brewery tour.  The building itself is incredible.  It’s beautiful and was so well planned out  from the inside out.  On site restaurant, upstairs space for drinking and playing corn hole, out door space upstairs and downstairs for hanging out (dog friendly!) and events! It’s also LEED Platinum certified, that’s crazy impressive!  The tour itself is incredibly informative and you’re able to go behind the scenes to actually see and learn how their beer is made – Plus FREE beer tastings!


Favorite Drink Bottle: I was super fortunate to snag one of the few remaining Lily Pulitzer Swell water bottles from Starbucks! It’s my first swell bottle, and I’m already in love!!  I have the pink one on the far right!


Favorite Blog Participation: Eric and I are celebrating our FIVE year anniversary at the end of this month!  March 31st!  I want to do a personal post about us and our relationship, so you can get to know me.  So, submit your questions below with anything you want us to answer about each other or our relationship.  We want everything from silly, to serious and everything in between!  Bonus – If I answer your question in our anniversary post, I’ll give your blog a shout out! And if I don’t answer your question, I’ll do my best to answer it in the comments below!!  Here’s some pics of us being totally normal.


Thanks so much for reading!  As always, let me know if we have any of the same favorites in the comments below!  Did you score a Lilly Pulitzer Swell bottle?   Are you obsessed with Biscoff cookies?  And what questions do Eric and I need to answer about each other or our relationship?!  Happy Friday!